We combine money and meaning.

We combine spreadsheets and stories.

Accountica was established due to identifying some key gaps in the financial services industry. We aim to fill these gaps and provide accurate, timely information for our clients free from bias.

We utilise the latest tech where applicable to create efficiencies and automations to free up your valuable time.

So how do we differ from your typical accountant?

Accountica aren’t your “stereotypical accountants” (as people have been telling us for years!) The numbers are just the beginning. We aim to become an integral part of your business and your life as this is true value creation.

We focus on achieving prosperous future outcomes by providing strategic, management & financial information for our clients that can be relied upon for informed decision making.

We live in a tech-world and we embrace this fully. We work with Start-ups directly and businesses to evaluate tech stacks to create efficiencies.

If your business succeeds and creates value to society, that is a win for you and a win for us.