Keep your superstar employees!

Keep your superstar employees!

People are what drive businesses.  Looking after your people is key to your success in business and more importantly, it's the right thing to do. 

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Essential Strategies for Retaining Your Best Employees

Having an incredible team is like striking gold in the business world. A single, highly motivated employee can be more valuable than ten who are just there for a pay cheque. It's clear that investing in these top performers is crucial. But how exactly do you do that without falling into the cliché of hollow HR slogans? Remember, it's your actions that count.

Here are some effective strategies to ensure your star employees stay on your team:

  • Recognise Their Value Financially: Don't wait for your exceptional staff to ask for a raise. Approach them with a pay increase proactively. It shows that you recognise their worth and that you're thinking about their well-being before someone else entices them away.
  • Create Opportunities for In-Person Connection: In a remote work setting, make an effort to gather your team a couple of times a year. If possible, personally visit your employees. The cost of travel is minimal compared to the expense and hassle of hiring and training replacements.
  • Express Gratitude Regularly: A simple 'thank you' can go a long way, yet it's astonishing how often this is overlooked. Be mindful of how each individual prefers to be acknowledged – some like public praise, while others might prefer a quiet word of thanks.
  • Engage With Them Beyond Work: Show interest in your employees' lives outside the office. Remembering a spouse's name or a child's birthday can make a big difference. It's about showing genuine care, not just for their work but for them as individuals.
  • Keep Work Enjoyable: When mundane tasks are inevitable, find ways to inject some fun or provide something to look forward to afterward. Keep the job from becoming a slog.
  • Personalise Your Appreciation: Since everyone feels appreciated differently, simply ask your employees what they value. Then act on it. It's not about mind-reading, but about listening and responding to their preferences.
  • Act Quickly on Underperformance: Don't let D-players drag down your A-players. Remove low performers swiftly to maintain a culture that values high performance and to prevent morale from dipping.
  • Share Your Vision: Employees are eager to understand the company's mission and vision. By sharing this, you give them a grander purpose to commit to, which can be incredibly motivating.
  • Schedule Regular Career Discussions: Set aside time for quarterly career check-ins to show that you're invested in their growth. Document these meetings and establish clear next steps for success.
  • Assess Engagement Often: Using a simple anonymous google form or typeform to gather feedback from employees in a safe environment is key.  This can provide valuable insights into how engaged, productive, and challenged your employees feel.
  • Promote Skip-Level Meetings: Encourage higher-level managers or executives to engage directly with employees beyond their immediate reports. This helps to identify issues that might not surface in a direct report setting and can prevent talent from being overlooked.
  • Track Your Top Talent: Maintain a 'Super Star' list and review it in executive meetings. Make extraordinary efforts to retain these individuals at the highest level.
  • Conduct Meaningful Exit Interviews: Don't shy away from the valuable insights that can be gained from employees who are leaving. Genuine, candid conversations can reveal truths that might help you keep your next star player.

Implementing these strategies doesn't just retain talent; it creates a vibrant, dynamic work environment where everyone knows they are valued. If there's nothing on this list that you can act on, you're either doing an exceptional job already, or it's time to read through these tips again.

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