Cash flow management simplified

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This method is simple but not easy.  

You will need 3 business bank accounts.  

1. Revenue
2. Regular Expenses
3. Future Liabilities  

1. Distribute from the revenue account weekly to cover expenses and liabilities.
2. Estimate taxes (GST, PAYG W, Income Tax, Payroll Tax etc) and transfer the appropriate percentage to the future liabilities account weekly.

Simplicity is key when it comes to effective cash flow management, and one way to keep it straightforward is to use a spreadsheet. Whether it's Excel or Google Sheets, creating a smart business cash flow spreadsheet can help you model projected cash flow and incorporate business-specific features.

Why is effective cash flow management crucial for your business?  Cash is king.  Cash is the lifeblood of every business.  It is also an ideal measurement of business valuation.  

If cash flow is not managed properly, all businesses are at risk of failure. Just imagine what would happen if you couldn't pay your suppliers and lenders. Our experienced business advisers can help you develop straightforward , efficient methods to enhance your cash flow management and ensure your business has the cash it needs to survive and thrive. 

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