Big Hairy Audacious Goals or “Bee Hag’s” were first popularised by the legendary Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in their book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies in 1994.

These are your HUGE goals.  The type that you are afraid even to say out loud, they seem so insane. Yet, even thinking about them gives you goosebumps.

These goals are the type of goals that visionary leaders have been so incredibly passionate about that they can amass an army of loyal followers to help them achieve their vision. Think people like President Kennedy in the 1960s speaking about putting a man on the moon for the first time, Elon Musk igniting the change to EVs or Kane Jackson creating a fintech company that acts ethically and doesn’t sell you anything and everything, just because.

We’ve used the Bee Hags for many years, but it is now 2022, and we feel as though we need a reiteration and potentially something a little more Aussie.

We are introducing the BFOG.  Big F* Off Goals!

While very similar in nature to the BHAG, We feel as though BFOG really rolls off the tongue nicely.  

What’s our BFOG?

We envision a new breed of “accountants”. No longer is the accountant the nerdy guy/girl with the calculator that can’t hold a conversation to save themselves. The rise of tech & AI will bring about the extinction of this dinosaur.

The new breed is relationship-based, not transactional. So they know not only about your finances but also understand your BFOGs and, most importantly, WHY you have created them and WHAT that means to you.

We believe that many people are saying they are doing this but rarely, if at all, is this done successfully. This accountant could realistically only service approximately 10 family groups maximum to the level of service we envision.

What do you think? Does the Beehag need an update? 

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